Elektra Vise (elektravise) wrote,
Elektra Vise

(OOC: This might sound like a forced entry. .*laughs* I'm trying to fit my char in the scheme of things somewhere. .)

It's not that I don't like excitement around here, but I swear - common room silence is impossible! Maybe it could be safely assumed that would be due to the clutter of 5th year male-stalking girls. Course, now it's only a bit amusing as I get daggers from all of them having gone off the previous night before (I believe the term 'frigid bitch' was spoken by one of them. .sod off I probably would have been offended had I not been so amused) Plus I'm sure Lily would have been. .less than if I had used an innocent spell or two on the lot of them (can't blame her really. . .plus I've served enough detention for this month)

Even without the 5th year girls hating me. .things have seemed a bit. .chilly. I'd seen Remus more angry than before. .wonder what on earth is going on, but then it's none of my business - hopefully things are alright on that end of Gryffindor affairs?

I think now.. after ignoring my potions homework for two days I will attempt to start them. .anyone care to do them for me? I would willingly become your slave, indebted to you for months *grumbles* maybe one day I'll not blow up class and get it right. .
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